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by Shawn Wunjo on Nov.22, 2009, under

It's Official:

There are, at this moment, no Shawn Wunjo books available for purchase anywhere online (Except maybe used.)

So what does being banned 10+ times tell me?

1.) That I'm awesome.

2.) That I need to find somewhere (or some way) less ban-happy to get my current (and future) books to the people.

So, my loyal readers, I am open to suggestions. Where can I sell my books to you (and your friends and others) with their original covers without having to battle the insta-ban phenomenon? Drop your suggestions in the comment box below.


Shawn Wunjo

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  • Haunted Insanity

    thats fucking awesome your banned and banned and banned and banned and banned.

    love the books, fuck you.

    to help out a fellow command, i need to know which sites your banned and banned and banned and banned from....

  • Anonymous

    I downloaded the vagina-ass of lucifer nigger-bastard off the internet. you are the most fucked up retarted person I have ever read the literature of, and I can't believe you're a woman. and a self-proclaimed multi-racial lesbian too. i have been mistaken for a guy online because i swear too much. but it turns out, that can actually be a gift. keep writing, but maybe try a little harder at developing characters, storyline and environment, just even a little, than your books would be totally fucking awesome shit balls pucking baby piss nipples.

  • Anonymous

    Obviously you have haters my friend. FUCK THEM ALL. EAT SHIT FUCKING NIGGER PISS ANAL PRICKCUNTS.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe you could include cover art that's at odds with the title. Like for "The Vagina Ass of Lucifer Niggerbastard," you could show a man on the cover in a top hat and monocle sitting in a big leather chair, looking all distinguished and shit. That should throw people off

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