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by Shawn Wunjo on Nov.22, 2009, under

You can call me Shawn Wunjo.

Here are some true facts about me:

  • I am a multiracial, card-carrying lesbian who loves oral sex. 
  • Religiously, I don't know what I believe. I believe people should be much more involved with whatever faith they chose to follow.
  • I make the pilgrimage to PRIDE and Burningman every year. No, I don't sell my books there.
  • Most of my friends are long time channers.
  • I live in a state where most people cannot handle this kind of literature. Or the fact that I am multiracial. Or a lesbian. Oh well.
  • I have written other books that have been purchased by other publishers (under my real name, and no you can't have it.)
  • I drive a primer-colored van. I will paint it someday, just not yet.

  1. You are not reading close enough. The books I have written under this name are a reflection of society and all that is offensive within it. They call attention to the hypocrisy and social corruption that surrounds us every instant of our waking lives. If you find that offensive, good. Ask yourself why you are offended, what that means within the context of society, and stand up to make something of your life.

  2. Western civilization is the new Roman empire. This is our last chance to save it before we fall into another dark age. My books call attention to that fact and urge constructive action on the parts of the readers. They are a positive force for social change.

  3. Remember: words are words. They only have power over you if you let them have power over you. Take that power away from them by laughing at them and using them enough that they no longer have the strong, negative connotations that so many people unfortunately ascribe to them.

  4. If you are still fucking offended, then don't read my goddamned books.


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